Oh I am so excited. I am going on an amazing adventure this Saturday. I will be participating in an art journaling workshop in San Miguel de Allende. Our hostess, Rebecca Brooks, has invited Orly Avineri to come teach a week-long art journaling retreat.

I am over the moon that I am going. It will be a game changer for me. I have been itching to see Orly’s process for a long time now. I love how she incorporates bones and human anatomy into her work. Since I am an archaeologist and I work with human remains, I need to get away from the technical side of things and go with my journaling flow. I really hope I will learn new painting techniques and ways to express myself with Orly’s input.

Rebecca has a lovely way with words, her haikus are so very inspiring. I would love to explore the journaling part of ‘art journaling’ through her teachings. I am hoping to learn some of her magic too. She will be our guide throughout the city of San Miguel. I can’t wait to photograph (and eat) all the stuff!

We will be about ten women together. I am looking forward to this sisterhood, to the creative energy generated by my companions. It’s my first experience of the sort, but from the email exchanges I’ve seen, this is a great group of creatives. I am also looking forward to this, my first real solo adventure. I am so grateful to my partner who will be taking on parental duties while I go explore.

Most art supplies will be offered there but we do need to bring some stuff with us. I am putting together a small travel journal, just a Field Notes to write down what we did since we will be playing all day in our visual journals.

I will be bringing my Moleskine art journal and this second one that I found in a shop in Montreal this summer. I also want to prepare some ephemera and such to use in my work. I’m bringing extra to share with my partners in crime. And of course, can’t go anywhere without my favorite pens and some gold paint. I totally snuck in some washi too 🙂

I’m looking forward to sharing my experience here when I return. In the meantime, a couple of posts (including next week’s Get Messy) will be scheduled in advance.