The Zine Squad has been super busy in the last month. Here is the first of a few zines we’ll be sharing in the next few weeks.

Katie, Julia and I invited Riet to collaborate with us and we made the Strong zine for Elizabeth! The theme was perfect for her as Elizabeth advocates for a healthy lifestyle. And isn’t that always part of most people’s New Year resolutions?! I know it is for me.

Being strong doesn’t always mean being hard. It is being vulnerable but still carrying on. It is being flexible when that is the action that is called for. It is knowing when to bend and when not to.

I loved using lots of collage elements in my pages for this zine. My style will vary according to the theme and according to what is already in the zine itself. I love that! Plus, once again, I can see little added elements from my fellow Zine Squad girls and that is awesome too.

Please click on everyone’s name and go check out their pages for this zine!