Dare I say it again? Oh yes. ”I love this zine so much, it’s one of my favourites ever”. It’s all true! We zined Riet! Because of the Secret Garden theme, Julia, Katie and I enlisted the help of the lovely earth fairy Meghan. There are many secret layers in this zine, lots of trap doors to open.

I love it when a zine is interactive, it adds to its charm in my view.

After I made these pages, I had that Lenny Kravitz song in my head for days. Which was a good thing as I love him.

This quote comes from a postcard I bought in Melbourne years ago. I’ve always loved the false telegram idea, not to mention hiding in a rose. Yes, please.

I love how Katie’s woman blends with my cut out page.

The best part about these collaborations is seeing the added elements on the pages and how they evolve. This one is a particularly beautiful one, please take a look at everyone else’s pages, you will be glad you did!