My other October project (you know October is my absolute favorite month, right?) was to follow along with Lionarts’s Season of the Witch prompts. I decided to make a book to house my daily pulls and to actually use all the awesome Halloween / Witchy paper ephemera I possess. To mark the season, I used the Vampire tarot which is based on Dracula.

The pulls were intersperced with some other pulls by Nyx Tarot in French. Those are the spreads accompanied by the deck I used. I loved taking a few minutes each day to add these to my book.

I used a mix of vintage ephemera and scrapbooking elements to document this project. I love how they combine with the Vampire tarot.

I love this time of year and I naturally gravitate to this type of ephemera so I am truly excited when I can actually use it. Same for some of my darker tarot decks.

The Vampire tarot is really great in its imagery and booklet, but I find it really hard to shuffle and use as a deck. I’ve seen some people modify it by cutting out the white frame, but I just can’t bring myself to try it!

Of course my favorite part of this was the interactive elements. I love using envelopes, postcards and flip-pages to make the pages even more magic-filled.

I really love this chunky treasure trove!