I am participating in Riet’s Painted Diaries and have to admit the monthly format makes this project fresh and new. I am using these diaries that I found in my local Muji. There are four books, one for each season. On the left page is a woodblock illustration and on the right I have space to do my drawing.

The theme for the first month is blind contour drawing. I went ahead and chose a theme for each week. The first one was self-portraits.

For the second week, I decided to draw my cats with hilarious -to me- results. Sorry, cats!

For the third week, I illustrated some of my favorite artists.

And for the final week, I decided to go with things/objects that bring me joy.

I am already excited to get started on February’s theme. I will be sharing monthly here. Maybe all the pages or maybe just my favorites, like I did for this month, we’ll see.