April was a blast in my Painted Diaries. Riet invited us to play with texture. As I am working in diaries which can’t handle much thickness, I decided to use tissue paper to make abstract “paintings”.

I love the transparency of tissue paper and how the layers play off each other so nicely.

The page above almost looks like a person (like Serena thought!). I really enjoyed going back to this technique which is an oldie but goodie for me. My very first tutorial for Get Messy was about using tissue paper!

Tissue paper is so versatile and easy to come by, most of my collection comes from holiday or birthday presents.

I also used sewing pattern paper to add texture and dimension.

I had some fun associations that came to mind with some of these abstract collages. Like this next one was Florida:

And this one is Maine:

So all in all a month of fun and exploration and of using a much loved but neglected supply!

Very happy to carry on this project in May.