Last Saturday, I shared this picture on Instagram and said I was carving a stamp fit for a queen :
It’s because I was working on these Get Messy prompts. I decided to do both prompts on the same spread because, to me, an art journal spread is always two pages, with that lovely line or spiral straight down the middle… Also, my imagery and the poem fit together nicely.
Here’s a reminder of the prompts:

Challenge #1:

Journal prompt: If I were queen…
Art Prompt: Make your own stamp to create a background for your royal decrees. Use anything you can find and dip it in paint or ink or make a reusable stamp (tutorial here). 
Challenge #2
Journal prompt: Make a blackout poem like Austin Kleon does (see his work and examples here) using a magazine article, newspaper, an old book page or any other writings you can find.
Art prompt: If your blackout poem doesn’t cover your entire page, paint a background by using a splatter technique with a paintbrush. Load up water and paint on your brush, hold the brush above your page, then tap the brush with your other hand to create random splatters of paint.

Here is my spread :

I had so much fun with my sewn scraps last week, that I wanted to repeat the process in my art journal. It was more difficult to manipulate because of the fact that I was using bound papers. It was hard to sew down all the scraps, so I had to glue some of them down instead.


I used a self-portrait that was in my stash and gave myself a pretty awesome crown! I also gave myself a scepter wielding the power of love. I hand cut the words out of a piece of dark blue cardstock.

I did my blackout poem using a vintage page. It was a book review about a novel called Band of Angels, on a woman who upon her father,s death learns that her mother was a slave and that she will be sold into servitude. I glued down the page on a vintage flashcard with the word ‘girls’. I used my handmade stamps to highlight this word. I make two crowns : the first I left full (in gold below) and the second I carved into an outline (in black). I added the trio of triangles which is a motif I use a lot in my doodles.

My poem reads :
She learned the secret,

her body merely

[reserved] for a special price.
She had to reconcile herself,
an independent girl,
a human being.
The conquest
swept away the freedom.
She did not forget.

(Punctuation added by me. I blacked out ‘reserved’ by mistake which is why I put it in brackets)

I find that the blackout poem does really well as my Royal Matriarchal Decree. I LOVE how my page turned out!

If you participated, what part of these prompts appealed to you and what part pushed you out of your comfort zone? I was a little uncomfortable with the poem part, but when I saw that book page and the words that jumped out at me, I realised how it could support my *royal* ideas!