Today I am sharing my take on the third set of prompts. You can get these prompts by signing up for the Get Messy newsletter here.

Here is a reminder of the first prompt:

Challenge #1:
Journal prompt: Choose one word to sum up this past year. Write it, stamp it, type it boldy. Add no explanation, your word will speak for itsself.
Art Prompt: Use a full page from a magazine as your background for your word. 

I had a lot to say goodbye to in 2014 : my father passed away and we had to go to South Africa and clear all of his belongings. A close friend of mine chose to end our 15 year friendship with no real explanation. My very close friend lost her baby in utero at 37 weeks. We left Hong Kong and our life for the past 4 years.
That said, I also had a lot to say hello to. We moved back home. I got to start working in my field again. I reconnected with my family and friends here in Canada. So I would say that 2014 was a year of contrasts. Can’t wait to see what 2015 holds for us.
Here is a reminder of the second prompt:
Challenge #2
Journal prompt: Set one crazy bucketlist goal for yourself this year. Choose one thing, that if you really work and plan for, you can accomplish that is so far outside your norm it scares you a little. Go skydiving, ride an elephant, get a tattoo.
Art prompt: Find photos, words, etc to represent your goal and get you excited about it! Make 2015 the year you surprised yourself with your own bravery! 

I know, shocking right? Almost 40 and she still doesn’t like the way she looks? This is my real bucket list, gotta-do-it-for-sure wish : that I commit to my body, that I feed it good food (not emotional plugging), that I move and be active so that I can finally, for real, love the way it looks. It may sound trivial, but I have been dealing (or not dealing) with this issue all of my life. It would be a wonderful gift to actually accomplish this.

I’m going to work damn hard to make it happen.
These two pages are quite minimalistic for me! It’s a nice and welcome departure. This is why I love these prompts, they pull you in different directions.

The above images are from the A/W 2014 issue of Love Magazine.

As a bonus, here is a page that relates to the second prompt and that I did the day before the Charlie Hebdo killings.
So here’s to a committed 2015. Thanks for coming by!