As you know, Get Messy is coming back full force on February 5th. In the meantime, you can sign up for the newsletter here and get some prompts to keep you creating while the new site is set up.
Here is my take for the second set of prompts. They have a great holiday feel to them. 
Challenge #1:
Journal prompt: Choose a quote that represents your view on the holidays or sums up this years holiday season and add it to your page.
Art Prompt: Use a quintessential photo of this holiday season that best depicts your quote. Bonus points if you create a hand painted background. 
Although I have not written down the quote, I was thinking ‘Merry and Bright’ while I was making my pages. My quintessential item about the holidays is the sparkling Christmas tree and all the gorgeous wrapping paper you see at Christmas.

I decided to keep all the tissue paper from my presents. I have to confess that I have an undying love for tissue paper. I love the transparency of it, the lightness of it and how they look all placed together.

For this spread, I cut triangles to represent trees from tissue paper, vellum, ribbon, doilies, burlap and leftover photos. I glued them down and sealed them with matte medium. I also made trees out of some word stickers from the Gossamer Blue kits.

I love how these pages looks and I’m glad I re-used the paper I got during the holidays. Speaking of reusing paper….here is the second prompt:
Challenge #2
Journal prompt: Holidays are hard for many reasons, but they are also tender, funny and memorable. Write a quick story about an unusual moment from this holiday season that you want to remember.
Art prompt: Use leftover wrapping paper, cards, receipts, gift tags, etc to support your story and create a background for your page. 

We have a tradition in our family where the small gifts in the stockings have to be badly wrapped using the previous year’s wrapping paper. So after each family Christmas, I take out the bigger pieces of wrapping paper from the recycling and bring them home. Once again, I am so glad to reuse these and find a home for such beautiful paper.

As the prompt mentions, the Holidays can be tough since you have so many people together in the same place. plus when they are members of  your family, conflicts can arise. I myself (as mentionned earlier) had to have a talk with my mother about certain issues. Thing is, it’s easy to get caught up in all of that and forget to see the big picture.
Which is family, love, togetherness. So, lesson learned. There is a time and place for everything. I am glad I had the talk, it helped bring me some perspective and clear the air. But it came at a very busy and emotional season.
That said, aren’t all these patterns so magical when they overlap this way? I love that bunny label with my name and now it lives in my art journal.
Thank you for coming by on this New Year’s day. Lots of new things coming on this blog for 2015. I wish you all the best for the coming year xoxo