We had a slightly different approach for this zine. The Modern Poet zine would focus on words and we created it for Rebecca, wordstress extraordinaire! We enlisted the help of Tori from Drawriot for this zine. I got to make the base so I started the cover of the zine and everyone else added to it.

Words can be flowers, words can also hurt. Some words written in China can get you exiled or imprisoned. This page was meant to express that.

I did the right page above. The base is made with alternating washi tapes with words and letters. ”Mots ou maux” means ”words or hurts”, different words that sound the same in French.
The page on the left above is mine as well (with some added loveliness!). It is a haiku that isn’t a true one (I didn’t count the syllables), so that is why I added the Japanese washi tape.

All in all one of my favourites because it pushed me to try something new! Please check out Julia, Katie and Tori’s pages!