I am so excited to be a part of The Minimalist Art Journal 2. I loved working through the first edition and to be asked by Caylee to contribute to the second one makes me really happy. I wanted to share a little bit about this class and my journal before letting you in on a way that you can get seat in the class.

I bound my own MAJ journal out of different types of paper, including some scrapbooking paper and watercolor paper. My goal was to have some pages empty and ready to be used with lots of white space and others to have a background already available. I used different techniques, like this stitched sacred heart.

This page is a thick vellum that I found in Hong Kong. I love the frosted glass effect. I drew on it with my Posca pens, following the image on the paper beneath but adding new birds instead of tracing the ones already there.

This skull was my attempt at staying minimalist with collaged epehemera – a la Essie Ruth! Not sure it’s totally minimalist, but hey! I tried!

This was a lovely watercolor experiement I did following Tanyalee’s lesson. I love the result. I will be using this same journal for MAJ2 as there are still lots of empty pages waiting for me.

All this to say that I am not generally a minimalist art journaler. I don’t think that comes as a surprise.But I am able to pare it down sometimes and I find it helps to do so. Just like everyone else, I get overwhelmed sometimes by too many ideas or too many supplies to choose from. So this class explores a bunch of techniques to help you focus on the essential. I am very much looking forward to diving into the next edition of this class. I am even more excited to take it than I am about being a guest teacher, if that is possible!

Would you like a seat in the Minimalist Art Journal 2? Leave me a comment here letting me know what you are most interested in learning from this class – using less stuff? Using negative space? Figuring out what are your go to supplies? I will choose a random winner on Friday June 22nd, good luck!