We, at the Zinesquad, love to have fun. Matching the zines’ themes with the person who will receive it is a big part of that. We made this Mark Making zine for Divyam! To help us, who better to enlist than Molly and her awesome Found Art Walk project?

I did the page on the left in the image above by layering lots of washi tape that had different styles of writing on them.

Marks are everywhere, including on cool animals like zebras! The right page above is mine.

This was my double spread. It was fun to create. That strange creature appeared from a floral dyed paper I made earlier this year. Outining the marks the petals left on the paper brought him to life!

All in all, this zine is full of color and happiness which is how I like to think of Divyam, because she is all those things at once! Please check out everyone’s pages by clicking on their names at the beginning of this post and don’t forget the other two meembers of the Zine Squad: Katie and Julia.