My art journal pages are very different from one to the next. Some are very minimalist and fast and some are built layer by layer over a few days. This spread is of the second kind. I posted a few teaser shots on Instagram as I built up my layers.
Layer one : gluing down various pieces of paper.

Layer two : cover the papers with white gesso while letting some of the underlying paper peek through. Play with the texture of the thickness of the gesso.

Layer three : add some modeling paste through a stencil. This stencil is by Orly Avineri and you can get it through Stencil Girl here.

Layer four : lightly brush some ink on the dried modeling paste to bring up the stencil shape.

Layer five : draw some faces with paint and water. That takes us to the full spread.

When I started, I knew I wanted to use very little color in the spread and for a face and the pelvis to stand out. To get this effect, I lightly brushed my black archival ink onto the modeling paste. The blue ink you see all over the pages is Ranger Distress ink in Peacock Feathers.

I started out painting the woman’s face. I used lots of water and then dropped some black gesso in it. I moved the water around the page before it could dry to get all those patterns and drips. This is a good exercise because you don’t always get the look you want so it forces you out of your comfort zone.
That is when I noticed that the ink smears I had made had created this second face. So I just added a few strokes to pull him out of the background.

The writing always comes last for me. It’s the final gesture for the spread.
I love how the water carried the paint in some areas and not in others.

This spread was done over the course of four days. Mostly because I had to go to work and sleep in between sessions!


How about you? Are you a quick journaler or a slooooow one? Does it depend on what you are saying in your page?