When Taylor Swift released her Lover album, Julia and I got to talking about it. We decided to revisit our Zine Squad days and to collaborate on this album. We each made a journal, started a couple of pages in them and then sent it off to the other for them to complete.

It was so much fun to play with both the lyrics off the Lover album, but also to use the aesthetics of it. I love how Julia’s and my style mesh together so nicely. Once again, my pages were a way of using up scraps and collage.

The best part is that we used different lyrics and parts of songs. So seeing what Jules had decided to focus on made me want to listen to the songs so I could find the lyrics she had used.

Even the Mother of Dragons decided she wanted to be involved! So this was an all around quick and super fun project. Please take a look at Julia’s blog for more photos!