Ok, this zine rocks. It started as a Lovely layers zine and became a Frida Loves Layers zine!

We made this zine for Emk; her love of layers is absolutely no secret! To help us create it, we enlisted the lovely Holly whose work brings colour and punch to the mix.

I was lucky enough to make the base, so I made sure there were lots of flaps to create secret places to layer things. The inside pages are mine, the top of the flaps are by…Holly?

Oh! I think that hand must be by Katie!

I think Katie also had lots of fun cutting holes in the zine. I love when it’s a true collaboration in this sense.

The page on the left with the circle warrior is mine.

Eyes (third or otherwise!) are also a big part of this zine.

I know that EmK loves Frida and when I saw that skirt on the right page in my scrap pile, I knew I wanted to add her to the zine. I love seeing Julia’s flowers on the left.

We closed it off with some cool Frida quote stickers and our signatures.

 So luscious! Please take a look at everyone’s pages : Holly, Katie and Jules.

Yay Zine Squad!