The most fun part of the whole Zine Squad project (or one of them at least) is figuring out the theme of the zine for the person we are sending it to. We love Nina’s amazing style and creativity and we decided to make a zine centred around the theme of ‘home’ for her because she’s an awesome girlboss who works from home. Julia, Katie and I enlisted Jennifer’s help because Jennifer has had two homes  in two different cities in the last year.

Home is an ever changing concept. It can be many places at once, or just a singular spot.
I was inspired by Virginia Woolfe’s essay for this one. About how we all need a place that is us and that can make us feel good. 
In the page below, the woman’s chest opens up to reveal her thoracic cage and her heart. Because home is also something you carry with you.
Ans finally, the big question, stay in or go out? I like both to be honest! I love Julia’s add-ons here.

Please take a moment to look at the other collaborator’s pages because they are so lovely. What about you? What is home to you?