I am definitely not doing the 100 Day Project this year. I decided at the end of last year’s project that I would only participate in it if I was really on to a great idea that I wanted to develop and not to do it just because I had FOMO. Then, Sarah Maddox wrote a post about participating in Sarah Papworth’s own 100 Day Project which is the Hermit Art Club. The format looked really interesting to me and I had a couple of journals that I bought at the start of our repatriation that were kind of waiting to be used.

So after reading about it and signing up for the newsletter, I got started. Mind you this is a “keep my hands busy and my mind clear” kind of project for me. I am not trying to develop an illustration career nor do I have an actual objective in mind. I actually just want something I can work on while listening to a show or while my kids are homeschooling.

I am using a Bindewerk sketchbook and exploring. Sarah shares a video per day. They are usually short and consist of process videos. Every Friday, she does a live Q and A on FB. It’s all very relaxed and fun. Very very low pressure which is also something I wanted.

I am stretching my skills and taking a different approach and i love that part of it. I am not worried about being behind or about this becoming anything bigger or more than what it already is.

I loved the sketching exercises and building a color palette based on our clothes. The first week was about playing and exploring our supplies and loosening up. I find myself looking forward to branching out even if it’s just for me.

Anyway, it’s all in good fun. Take a look at Sarah’s instagram to find the link to join if you are so inclined! It’s free! In the meantime, I hope you are all doing ok during this pandemic x