I can’t even convey what a rush it is to get your very own zine from the Zine Squad. Usually I’m part of the Squad and the thrill is waiting to see the recipient’s reaction. I wish you could have seen my face! Julia and Katie got Torrie, Caylee and Lauren involved. And Lauren wrote ‘clothes’ on the enveloppe for contents so I was completely mystified until I opened it!

My very own zine. It’s so cool.

I love the format and these interactive pages.

It has all my favorite symbols: V and the moon. And favorite supplies: tissue paper.

And my beasts, bones and me!


Goddesses, too. I mean – just read this amazing quote!

It’s so cool seeing my work deconstructed and reconstructed like this.

And I have my very own Katie-galaxy.

My favorite quote at the end. 

I am blown away by this beauty.
Thank you my lovely friends. You are so precious to me!

Now go take a look at these lovely artists’s blogs to see who did what page (I’m also gonna double check!!!)