So Essie made a class at Get Messy called the Heart Journal. If this sounds familiar it’s because she had an email series last year which focused on the themes and ideas central to this class. Which are accessing and processing your emotions through your art journal.

This could not have come at a better time for me. Last May, Ammie and I decided to start a collaborative journal where we’d explore notions of feeling blocked or overwhelmed. I’ve been going through a lot of stuff this last year and some of it I can’t address too specifically. This leads to me feeling like I can’t process things, can’t get rid of that weight. And seeing as that is my approach to art journaling, then I really needed a project to help me espress these emotions.

The Heart Journal class was just the spark I needed to help me start this collab journal and address all these feelings. I went through the lessons and just being able to sort through my emotions one by one and explore the techniques that Essie uses in them helped me to make the Heart It Out journal. Ammie graciously agreed to let me share the pages even though I haven’t sent them to her yet.

I loosely grouped the pages in various emotions. Starting with anger. This first one has hidden journaling which is automatic or stream of conciousness writing on her cheek.

Below, I used Essie signature collage technique for the tongues.

The next set of pages explores sadness and grief. Mostly in the sense that someone has/is taking something from you. And there is that feeling of dismay and loss.

This one uses the inky portrait technique, though I used watercolour because I have no ink with me at the moment. Again, I wrote it all out around the central figure.

These big emotions lead me the explore some “secondary” feelings: frustration, feeling blocked and drained emotionally.

These are so cathartic for me!

I left two spreads with no words so that Ammie could add to these. This one is on a gelli plate print I bound into the journal.

This one is calmer. It addresses change, feminine energy, ebb and flow. It is my hope that things change and don’t stay constant.
I was unable to explore joy and happiness because that wasn’t what I was feeling for this project. But I did use happy colours to explore feelings of peace or contentment that I want to get back to. You’ll recognise some Pen + Ink techniques (another fabulous Get Messy class) in the spread below!

This one, even with its bright colours, exudes peace for me.
It was almost hard to leave some of these pages unfinished so that Ammie could add to them! I’m excited to see what she will bring to this collab. 
Find the Heart Journal class here:
(Please not that I don’t have access to a computer so I am writing this with the Blogger app which is notoriously bad, so if things look wonky…this is why!)