Well hi there Zine Squad fan! Yes we have been quiet for a little while now but we are always cooking up something or other. As I have been relocating this summer, we all put the zines in hiatus for a little bit.

But we are so happy to be back to present this lovely fungi inspired zine we made for Moriah with the help of Alicia!

It was really fun to use stamps and washi tape that I don’t normally use. I also found out a lot of interesting facts about mushrooms. They are very complex things!

I couldn’t help but add my favorite mushroom soup recipe. This recipe is so tasty, I super recommend you try it out!

I added a bunch of mushroom names in French, I think they bring a musicality to these pages.

I’d love to know your favorite mushroom! Mine are chanterelles, I can’t bypass any meal that has some in it 🙂