I must start off with an apology to Katie: I keep using neon watercolours that don’t show up on her scanner, so she has to re-photograph my spreads each time. Sorry Katie! Everyone else, welcome to the Empowerment zine that the Zine Squad made for Judith. Julia, Katie and I enlisted the help of Sarah for this zine and the theme was empowerment because Judith was going through a rough patch last year.

In the photo above, my page is on the right. I cut out a circle and collaged some tissue paper around the hole.

I drew a flaming heart on some Dura-lar and I used packing tape to stick in the middle of the hole so it looks like it’s floating.

This is probably one of my favourite spreads ever. Thank you Beyoncé.

And in the images above, my page is on the left, next to a page by Sarah. I love the message from this zine and it makes all of us happy that Judith loved it! Please take a moment to check out everyone’s pages 🙂