I know. I’ve been quiet here for so long! The end of 2020 was pretty intense and full for me and I really almost decided to close this blog. But then I remembered that I enjoy having a placeholder for some of my projects…a place where there is a little more context than Instagram.

So here we are, I am blogging about my October projects. I did two projects in October. They kind of were for Inktober although I was not using that hashtag and didn’t follow the official prompts. My first project was to create the Major Arcana for my favorite epic story by Stephen King: the Dark Tower.

I am a big fan of Stephen King and started the Gunslinger when I was 14 years old. That story informed so much of what I like in terms of fiction and storytelling. It was my first introduction to the tarot, too. I’ve wanted to let my imagination play on this for a while, but felt that my drawing skills were not up to par. But after deciding to use ink and water, I felt that the pleasure and thought behind each card would feel like a valid project.

I went through the Major Arcana, starting with the Gunslinger as the Fool. It’s hard not to give spoilers so I will add the information I put for each of these cards on my Instagram.

  • 0 The Fool: In this case the Fool is the Gunslinger, Roland Deschain. His quest for the Dark Tower is spirallic and he sets out with the Fool’s energy.
  • 1 The Magician is The Man in Black, who is born and reborn throughout the sage and sets things in motion.
  • 2 The High Priestess is Susan Delgado, she who navigates the depths of the heart and of the fire.
  • 3 The Empress is Gabrielle Deschain, Roland’s mother, caught in a trap.
  • 4 The Emperor is Steven Deschain, Roland’s father, who is not as rigid as he may seem.
  • 5 The Hierophant: Corst and the hawk, David.
  • 6 The Lovers: young Roland and Susan “if you love me then love me”.
  • 7 The Chariot: Blaine, the mad train.
  • 8 Strength: Jake with Oy
  • 9 The Hermit: Rhea of the Cöos, the caretaker of the Maerlyn’s grapefruit which is on every card
  • 10 The Wheel: the Rose for it holds so much promise, frailty and power in one flower. “{…} the rose began to open before his eyes. It disclosed a dark scarlet furnace, petal upon secret petal, each burning with its own secret fury. He had never seen anything so intensely and utterly alive in his whole life”.
  • 11 Justice: the sandalwood grip guns passed down from Arthur Eld
  • 12 The Hanged: Mordred, the Were-spider child, hungry and bidding its time
  • 13 Death: “Death, but not for you Gunslinger. Never for you.” Seen here is Jake’s fall under the Cyclopean Mountains. “Go then, there are other worlds than these.”
  • 14 Temperance: the horn of Eld blown by Cuthbert Allgood on Jericho Hill
  • 15 The Devil: the Crimson King, the Mad Red King always working behind every antagonist
  • 16 The Tower: Sai King himself. after being in a terrible accident, Stephen king made a point to finish writing this series. There is a definite before and after feeling to his writing….and that is Tower energy.
  • 17 The Star is Eddie Dean whose character shines through the deepest night
  • 18 The Moon is Susannah Dean who integrates her shadow – literally
  • 19 the Sun is the boy, Jake Chambers who burns so brightly throughout
  • 20 Judgement I replaced with Redemption: Father Callahan who is given a second chance
  • 21 The Nexus: the Dark Tower itself, the portal, the central pivot, the end and start of it all

In the story, the Man in Black reads Roland’s cards and I wanted to add these into my Major Arcana work. They represent the creation of Roland’s second Ka-tet in the Drawing of the Three.

These next cards could almost become part of the Court cards if I were to make a Minor Arcana!

Thank you so much for looking and for sticking with me and this space….even as I try to get back to a more regular sharing schedule.