Oh did the Zinesquad have fun with this zine! We decided to surprise Elly with her own zine and of course we chose Crystals as our theme. Katie, Julia and I enlisted Becka’s help on this one and it turned out so shiny and glittery and perfect! Here are a few of my pages:

”Crystallin” in french means clear as a crystal, musical like a crystal. It’s hard to translate but here I used it in a French expression to describe someone’s laughter.

I used my handmade watercolor on the page on the right. I finally found a place for that awesome diamond shaped wood veneer!

On the page on the right I used Pink Floyd’s famous lyrics and added some glittery gold to the modeling paste.

The page on the left had the watercolor triangle on it already and I added the crystals (from a card and a coffee sleeve), as well as that phrase.

All in all this zine was a joy to work in! Rock on Elly!