This was a totally original zine: a coloring zine! It definitely got the Zine Squad thinking outside the box. We knew Jen (aka @by.smilinthyme) liked to color stuff as she had mentioned it in a chat. So we enlisted Ammie and her awesome illustrative skills and got to work. There is a little bit of color in the zine but it is blank for the most part. I added the scrolls behind Katie’s sketched hand.

For some reason the first image I had in my mind was a tea party! So I drew a lavish table full of delicious treats to be colored.

Then I drew the Art Nouveau inspired queen on the left side, next to Katie’s beautiful magical lady.

I thought that Jenny might want to draw something in her zine so I left the jungle scene empty for her to add her own images.

The best part is that, once all the pages are colored, this zine will have a whole new look and life! Please take a look at everyone’s pages by following these links: Julia, Katie, Ammie and Jen,