Thanks to the ever inspiring Julia, I finally found a project for this Uppercase Eclectonote notebook I bought when I renewed my subscription.
The pages of the notebook are made using misprint and extra pages of the magazine mixed in with ruled paper. It has an exclectic feel to it. I’m not crazy about the binding. It folds over so you can’t really lay it flat so I knew I wouldn’t be using this for writing or art journaling.

Then, Julia talked about joining the Collage Club on Facebook. This is a group where people post their super inspiring collages. Every month, there is a theme and you must create one page around that theme to be in the group. Since the Eclectonote already has a collage feel to it, I decided to use it for my collages.
The theme for June was Vintage. This is what I made :

I was inspired by vintage imagery of women, the moon, the milky way, the planets and how women’s lives are rythmed by different cycles. (Don’t tell anyone but I sometimes feel we hold the world within us).

My idea for this notebook is to fill up the lined pages with collage and leave the other pages as they are. I love the Vintage theme so much that I made this second collage, this time thining about boyhood. I love the way the T-Rex looks like Godzilla in this one.

The theme for July was Beautiful. I was inspired by icons and their portrayal of women. The doves and the rose, just seemed so fitting.

The doily is a shiny metallic silver that is hard to show in the photos, but that gives the collage that ‘gilded’ look.

I’m very happy that Julia showed her work and turned me on to this very inspiring group. I love it when you find the perfect project for the perfect notebook!