Welcome to the Cityscape Zine! The Zine Squad recruited Kelli to make a zine for Jessica. I had lots of fun using some photo strips from various travels for this one. Whenever I print out my Pocket Scrapbooking pages, I save the photo strips and they work great in this kind of project. The photo strip below is Tianjin.

I added a flap here because, well, I like flaps! I also have lots of cityscape washi tape.

Here you see (top to bottom) Seoul, Seoul, Beijing and the bottom washi is Hong Kong. Much as I need to find myself in nature and recharge, I love the big city life. I feel like living in a big cit gives me anonymity and freedom. Sometimes, that can be difficult and lonely, but in general I prefer that to knowing everyone at the corner store.

The Brooklyn Bridge collage was froma set of notecards I bough in NYC in 2008! Everything finds a home eventually.

Same with the Chrysler Building.

I added a few bits to the right page below.

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