We haven’t shared a zine in a while but this one is worth the wait. The Zine Squad enlisted Ashley and made a zine for Clare. The theme was circles, plain and simple. It opened up a whole lot of possibilities!

 I made the watercolour circles above and left them mostly blank so the others could add to them. Which they did without it being too much.

I love those huge neon orange sequins. I cut up a leftover self-portrait and aligned it in some holes I had punched. I love that Ashley played off the idea of scattered shapes.
I put the orange ribbon on the left page but I love the added the sequins! Ashley did that and it fits nicely with the lion, almost compensating for the fact that it was black and white. I was the second to have the zine so it’s so cool to see how it has evolved.

The right page above was inspired by a Red Hot Chili Peppers song that I was listening to at the time I made it. Circles and planets go together, do they not?

It was really fun to explore this theme, actually to let a shape be our common thread through the zine. Please take a look at everyone’s pages : Julia, Katie, Ashley. And give us a like on Instagram to see more of our work.