In moving my blog and creating this new website, I realised that I never shared April’s Book of Me pages. The theme for that month was “location”. I documented this in a couple of ways that are personal to me. On the left, you see a map showing Africa and Australia. My father was South African but throughout his life he told us he was Australian (for many multilayered reasons). So I didn’t find out my real heritage on his side until much later in my life and still don’t know that much about that part of my family.

Montreal is where the people from my mother’s side come from and my chosen city. if I could, this is where I would live. But I married a diplomat who is posted abroad and when we are in Canada, we live in Ottawa/Gatineau (the map on the right side) as this is the capital. That city is ok but will never truly feel like home to me.

My second page for this theme documents our time in Beijing. this time is coming to an end as we are moving to Shanghai a couple of months from now. I used photo scraps and stickers as a quick visual reference to this city. Noodles are typical of Northern Chinese cuisine. In Shanghai, there will be less noodle dishes and more rice based ones.

May’s theme is body. The timing of this is not lost on me (I will elaborate on this in Monday’s post). Body issues ia a theme I have explored again and again. Check out my State of Me and Tell a Story tags at the end of this post to see what I mean. I had this awesome Venus of Malta image in my altered book so it was the perfect page to explore this theme.

I used the catalyst image provided in class and printed it on tracing paper. I love that the ink bled slightly where the bones and muscle meet.

i wrote out all the amazing things my body can do. There is no shortage of it when you really stop and think about it.

I liked this exercise of thinking of the positives, putting a positive spin on things.

I forget to do that often. I recommend taking the time to validate what your body does for you, no matter what your feelings towards it are.

I’m always so grateful for Kristin and her insightful prompts at the Awesome Ladies Project.