Yessss, the Zine Squad decided to enlist Sarah and to send a zine to Kate (aka @meduna). Because Kate is so amazing with color and patterns, we decided to make an abstract zine. I was the last to get it and unfortunately, this zine proved that my scanner is crap!

There is a lot of texture on the left page, which you can’t see. I did the page on the right. I suggest you take a look at Kate’s IG profile, you will find a flipthrough of the zine there.

The above pages are also mine. Abstract is a lot harder than one would think. I know I found it super challenging.

The left page with the skull is mine. That is from a stencil by Orly Avineri called Subliminal Skull. I love that stencil so much. The spread below shows another shortcoming of my scanner : it doesn’t pick up neon colors. That big grey blob on the left? It’s neon orange in real life!

So I am sorry to my partners in crime because these scans don’t do the images justice. Please go take a look at the rest of the Squad’s pages by clicking their names below: