I loved participating in this community last year. I did 100 days of Unfinished Spirits. I learned so much and ended up incorporating the new techniques I explored into my art journaling. WIN! You can see last year’s project here: 100 days of Unfinished Spirits.
I wasn’t sure I’d participate this year. I’m crazy busy and travelling in the next month, I’m also planning a huge other-side-of-the-planet type move. So it would have to be something simple. But at the same time, I embrace challenges and I want to try new things. I’m always looking for ways to grow my skills and expand my art journey.

I bought this delicious paper pad a year and a half ago in Montreal. It’s handmade paper, it’s such a great format and has just enough texture to be interesting. So I built my project around this paper.

I also wanted to build up on last year’s project. So after thinking about it I came up with an idea. Unfortunately, the pad doesn’t have 100 sheets…but it does have 50.

So here is my idea. I’m going to do two-part art explorations. The first part will be quick, intuitive, high color, painted backgrounds. My goal is to loosen up; to try different color combinations using acrylics, gouache and /or watercolors; to use my paints freely and not in a planned and contrived way. I tend to plan things out in my art journal so this would be a total freedom type of painting. Also, I’ve never really painted outside of a journal in a consistent manner so this should be interesting.

The second part of each painting will be to add in a figure (an Unfinished Spirit so to speak) to my background. In this case, I’ll be exploring placement, interaction with the background as well developing my figure drawing skills (and blind contours too). This will be a chance for me to explore personal symbols and to create new symbols for myself at the same time. I plan to add these figures in black ink with a paintbrush and maybe calligraphy nibs. 
I should end up with 50 complete paintings, which to me is quite an impressive body of work. I’m calling it Explorations because that is really what I’ll be doing. My hashtag will be #100explorationsbyV. I will share here periodically, but I’ll share every day on Instagram.
I hope you’ll play along too! Please write down your hashtags in the comments, I’d love to take a look at your projects. Let’s do this!