This is my fourth year participating in the 100 Day Project. I really like the idea behind that project: the notion of a community coming together and supporting each other for the 100 days it takes to build a habit. The premise is a good one. But this year, I find myself struggling with my project.

This year, I am focusing on my drawing skills and trying to develop them. I decided to do 100 Days of Shiny People, basically drawing 100 characters in a notebook that has glitter in the pages, My daily diary project is drawing based as well.

Recently, I talked out some of my struggles with my artists friends during one of our Crafternoons. I’m trying to pinpoint why I’m not in love with this project.

The first thing that comes to mind is that I was so into last year’s project (100 Day of Listening to the Dead) that it was going to be hard for any follow-up project to be as fulfilling.

The other element is that I feel like my drawings are similar to my other two drawing projects: 100 Days of Unfinished Spirits and 100 Explorations by V. Basically, I keep thinking my style of drawing will change but it isn’t. It’s still a little cartoonish and very similar from year to year.

So I think I need to change my expectations of what I am getting out of this. Am I ok with drawing these for the pleasure of doing them, of refining my style and not radically transforming it?

My idea was also to use all of the different inks I have. But that sometimes means creating in colors that I’m not at all attracted to (like orange and some greens). This bugs me, even if I like the drawing itself.

So I need to change things up to keep this interesting for me and also worthwhile. Otherwise, what is the point?

I’m moving in two months so I don’t need pressure or something that is taking away from other projects or creative time.

So time to recenter. The images I have shared here are some of my favorites so far for this project. When I look at them , I love them! So I feel like if I can focus on the colors I prefer and have a balance of the more detailed drawings and the quick ink blots ones, then I will get more out of this edition of the project.

Have any of you considered quitting the project? Or did you do something to change it up and make it doable for you? Let me know, I’d love to hear your thought-process.