Oh the fun we are having with Zine Squad. I feel so grateful to have such talented and inspiring friends. Julia, Katie and I came together and decided to send a zine to our Get Messy friend Sarah. We recruited the hugely talented and mega colorful Sharon to contribute. Here are my pages.
On the left, my page, on the right, the inimitable Katie. So many luscious layers.

The theme was Spirit as in ‘animal spirit’ after Sarah and I had a conversation about having a spirit or totem animal. Sarah declared that the donkey was her spirit animal and why not?

Self-indulgence is another subject Sarah and I have touched upon in the past and I wanted to reflect that in this spread.

Once again, my favorite part is seeing everyone’s pages together and how it all comes together so beautifully.

Please have a look at everyone else’s work : Julia, Katie, Sharon.