I just thought it might be fun to show all the steps in the creation of this spread. When I am stressed, I find that writing things down or painting or creating color combinations or making a collage helps to tone down my anxiety. So this spread was a way to help me focus on one task and there fore make the rest manageable. Or maybe I was just procrastinating!!

It starts with laying down some paint. I usually pick 3-4 colors and let the brush decide where each one should go.

Then I chose some images. In this case I used a bunch of photos that I had laying around and a sticker by Kal Barteski. I also added a strip of sequins. For placement, I cut out pieces of the photos and just move them around until I have a look that I like.

Some doodles and lettering. Because I was feeling stressed, I decided to use stenciled letters for my journalling, that way I didn’t have to fuss too much about how the letters look. I also added some washi tape and some red duct tape.

The last step was addding my sentiment on the left page, more doodles, some scribbles in neon pink and a strip of sequin ribbon.

I love it when my art journal is there for me 🙂