It’s no secret that I love paper. I have difficulty throwing away even the smallest piece! So my scrap pile gets bigger and bigger. I also do Project Life. But I don’t print my own photos. This means that I do a lot of trimming before putting them in my PL album. I’m left with this :
How cool are those trimmings? Lots of textures and colors, pretty flower pieces.

I felt bad just throwing them out. So now I put them in a special box. Then I had an idea. I went through all of my paper stacks and pulled out all of the small pieces of paper that I know I won’t use in other layouts or collages.

Instax photos that are out of focus, too dark, too light or with sun flares? In the box.

You know that pretty strip of paper with the manufacturer’s name at the bottom of scrapbooking paper? In the box!
Clothing tags, pretty business cards, leftover vellum, strips of wallpaper, stamps, stitching practice, wrapping paper, practice watercolor paper…I put it all in my box.

Such pretty textures and colors!
So now that all of these papers are in the special scraps box, what to do with them?

Enter this lovely notebook that has been hanging around my place for a year. I bought it because it has the softest paper I’ve ever felt.

I’m so glad I found a purpose for it…and for my scraps!

 Images from inside the book…tomorrow !