I’ve been doing Project Life for two years now. In both cases, I have two huge 12 x 12 albums per year. In 2012, the whole year is in the two albums. But for 2013, I have another 12 x 12 album for our summer trip to Europe and two mini-albums for my trips to Tokyo and Siem Reap. That’s a lot of albums for only 2 years!

I simply adore them though. I love taking pictures of our lives and putting them in. I love the Studio Calico kits and the cards designed by other creators like Life Love Paper and Dearest Someday. I am so happy when I work in these albums that I would be sad not to have that.

Also, we have entered our last 7 months in Hong Kong. This summer we will move somewhere else. So there will be a lot to document. I like the weekly approach for this year of changes, I like having big pages with lots of pockets to fill in.

I think that, depending on where we end up, my Project Life albums will change over time. HK is a very busy city, there is a lot to do each day and I work part-time so I stay busy. Lots to document. I think I know it won’t always be so. So it’s ok if I have humongous heavy albums again this year. I will be so happy to look through them in ten years, my kids will be so happy to look through them too.

In the future, I may consider going smaller. I really like Jess’s approach (12 x18 layouts) and Marcy Penner’s new size.

For the moment, I’m keeping it as it is. But, I’m going flatter (no more flairs!) and I’m going simpler. No more adding embellishments just to ‘use them up’. I know I can use those embellishments in my 30 Days of Lists albums.

Here’s to documenting life, any way that suits you 🙂