One of the ways I used my newly acquired Level Up skills is to organise the greatest craft room purge I’ve ever done. When you start down the creative path, you try a lot of different things to see if you like them or if they appeal to you. In the end, you sometimes end up with supplies you never or hardly use.
That is my case, I’m not a stamper really. I have a lot of stamps that come with my monthly scrapbook subscriptions. I sometimes use them once or twice. I’ve also got a bunch of hand carved ones that I used for a few projects or as demonstrators at a stamp carving class I held in Hong Kong. They just end up using up storage space. Same with a lot of the papers I use for my Etsy shop. I reuse as much of it as I can but sometimes it ends up overwhelming. Enter paper grab bags!
So I’m doing an Instagram craft purge sale. You can follow me @vscraftypurge. For the moment, this account is private as I am slowly posting things. But on Monday morning, it will become a public account and you can start bidding. I will be live from January 25th at 7 am to the 27th at 10 pm Eastern daylight savings time. 
You will be able to bid in whole dollar increments under each item using your Paypal address. Minimum bid for every item is 1$. Shipping will be 2$ for Canada and US and 5$ for international, except for paper grab bags that will go for 4$ Can and US and 9$ international. I will combine shipping and refund any overcharge. All prices are in USD. Please pay within 24 hours or the lot will go to the next bidder.
Some items have never been used, others gently so. Everything is offered as is and the description explains the state of the object and if it new or used.
There will be stamps, ink, paper, books, crayons, stencils, watercolors and washi tape galore! I hope you will follow along and get something you like and help me clear out my space at the same time.