September is a busy month for me as I am usually involved in 30 Days of Lists and this year I was also doing all the things for Art Witch Academy! So I had less time than I would’ve liked to do the really awesome art treasure hunt that Riet had planned for us.

Around Sept 10th, I started veering off into a particular direction for the month…can you guess what it was?

I started using all of the business cards that were in my scrap basket…and all my stickers. The ones that have been in my sticker box for too long. The ones that are not even relevant to my life anymore but that I loathe to throw away.

Can I tell you how good that felt? To have a place for these after so many years of not being able to throw them out but feeling like they are just clutter. I mean I know it’s not that big a deal but yeah, I felt lighter after that.

I also used up coffee sleeves and business card stickers, old Kikki.k quotes that just bore me, etc. Once again, the Painted Diaries became a stash buster and how I love it! I even used the I Love Art sticker that Riet made!

Very much looking forward to October…which is another very busy month indeed.