I realize things have been very quiet around here. After my summer travels, I dove right into 30 Days of Lists and preparing Semester 3 of Art Witch Academy. So I have been busy making and posting on IG but not so much here.

So let me correct that with this post which features my take on the September edition of 30 Days of Lists! I used an album by Jamaica Makes and some really cool wallpaper that I brought back from Canada. The wallpaper was in several sample books that the store was giving away. They make me so happy and are so beautiful that I also decided to use them as backgrounds for my 30 lists album.

I wrote my lists on various grid / graph paper that I have and added some Tim Holtz floral ephemera to bring together all these elements. The advantage of using an album with rings is that you can add dimensional elements and there is some space for them in the book.

I love how clean the lists look while paired with the sometimes busy wall paper. That black palm one for lists 21 and 22 makes my heart go boom boom!

This year for 30 Lists has been my year of the ringed album so far….and something tells me it will be the same for December’s lists!