Warning…this is a long post! October is a super busy month for us because of Thanksgiving (we are Canadian!), both my children’s birthdays, our anniversary and Halloween. So I have lots of inserts. Plus the fact that this is our last year in HK, I tend to be heavy handed with the camera to make sure I document everything!
Here is the last spread for September (23 to 29) :
September 30th to Oct 6th. Lots of beach days that week because the kids had a couple of holidays and it was perfect beach weather!

October 6th to 13th : First part with an insert on the right. My husband is a cyclist and he brought my phone along on one of his rides to document it. On the left page, my lunch with a friend that I met on Instagram!

Here is the second part of that week with the back of the insert being dedicated to Thanksgiving. very thankful for family and for the whole HK experience.

From October 14th to 20th. Another insert, this one for an outing on the harbour on the Aqua Luna.

The next part of this (long) insert is dedicated to my daughter’s birthday party.

Also, each year on their birthday, I do a page all about each of them. Here is the first half on the right.

The back part of her page sits next to the last one about her party.

From October 21st to 27th : again with the inserts….This time, I put in a treasure that my daughter made for me.

On the back side is a treasure hunt that I made just for her. On the right is the end of that week.

Now, it gets a little messy! The following pages are dedicated to the adult halloween party we attended on Oct 26th. I had so much fun dressing up and really wanted to document it all. Also, that is my wedding dress that I’m wearing! What a treat to put it on again!

It was loads of fun. On the left some signs of the Halloween season.

October 28th to Nov 3rd : This week is all about the kids Halloween on the 31st.

And then, on Nov 2, my son had his birthday party, which I documented in a similar fashion as for my daughter.

On the right, the page that is all about him.

The back of the page goes with the end of his party.

The other days of that week are here on this last spread. Whew! That is one crazy month!!!! Maybe the Halloween stuff warranted a mini-album….food for thought for next year.