You may know that I released The Inner Heroine class in collaboration with Get Messy last fall. That class was such a ride, such an amazing part of my life for the last two years. I wanted to go through it as a student, to tell the story of my 2020 journey. So I assembled another kit and decided on a different color scheme (just look at that orange!) and am so happy to jump back on the path to my journey.

I get to explore my 2020 journey with the members of the Allyship and they have been absolutely central in helping me develop and sort my ideas. The Allyship is a weekly mastermind I am doing with a few artists who are taking the class. Together we go through the class and we hash out our ideas and work through blockages on a two hour call per week.

The whole point of the Allyship is to be in a space full of allies who are going through their own journey, but who are also supportive of yours. Allies listen, allies hold space, allies help shoulder the burden and they also tell you when it’s time to put it down. I am so grateful for their presence and I hope I am also bringing something to them as well.

The journey I told in the class was known to me; it felt finished. So in that sense, it was the best journey to use for that class because I could see all the steps of it. But for this second journey, it has been a little more arduous. Sometimes we are too close to the journey, we are still in the Unknown World.

That time spent in the Unknown World can be scary and lonely. So, having your allies right there with you is truly precious. Having those weekly meetings helped me work through some of my ideas and define other ones.

The way back from that space is a lot easier to navigate with friends! It took me a longer time and how lucky I feel that I was able to do so feeling supported and seen. My experience of the Allyship has been super rewarding.

As my heroine went down through the threshold, into the Sea of Sorrows only to emerge in the Desert at the Bottom of the Sea, she – and I – was able to make sense of what was happening and glean the medicine inherent in the journey itself.

Creating a kit specific to this journey was central to my being able to approach it with fresh eyes. My first journey had lots of Little Red Riding Hood vibes to it (in my mind!). This one is more closely related to the story of the selkie, of metamorphosis, of finding my way back to me.

This journey is unfolding nicely and I am happily surprised at how new it feels to me…even though I am the teacher ha ha!

I guess that is good news because it means that it really can apply to different aspects and stories of our lives and bring meaning to these spaces. It makes me feel good to think that.

I find that I am spending more time in certain parts of the journey. It’s been a surprising difference that I like. That has also been a very interesting element of our discussions in the Allyship.

I will leave you at the end of the third lesson, in the Road of Trials. This class is massive and intense but it is also really cathartic…at least I think so!