This is the second part of my journal where I took my own class. The Inner Heroine is available on Get Messy. At the end of 2020, I decided to take my own class and explore some of the journey I embarked on during that year. The first part of this post is here. I had left off at the end of lesson 3, on the Road of Trials. Now comes the part of the journey that culminates in the Re-Emergence.

The Heroine, after meeting the Boss Monster and after seeing that there is a Monster within as well, is shaken down to her core. There ensues an inner struggle to redefine herself as she is forced to peel back all the layers of her being.

And then it’s time for the big passage: Death and Re-Birth. This is a grand moment in the Heroine’s journey. And contrary to what one might think, this process happens more than once in our lives.

Once the heroine is reborn, she meets the Goddess. The one within her self, the one she would like to embody. In this journal, meeting the Goddess for me meant finding a roadmap to who I am, a way back to healing. The stars become a motif in this second half, as they form a path for the Heroine to follow. Wolf printable by freya.fennec.

This Goddess is the embodiment of Self-Love. This was the energy that the Heroine needed to tap into.

One of the ways to tap into this is to look to one’s allies. They see us and know us; they help guide us home to ourselves.

The Allies remind our Heroine that she has the tools she needs for this journey. In my case, I needed to follow the stars back to me, back to my home; both in a literal and metaphorical sense.

Before the way back becomes fully clear, the Heroine has to internalise the shift, tame the inner fire that has been holding her in place. After this she enters the Clear Path.

I will conclude this in a third post!