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When the Heroine finally is able to tame the turmoil that is roiling within, the path suddenly becomes clear. It’s time to leave the Underworld, the place where she has been all this time. It’s time to return to the Known World. In my case, the Heroine needs to cross the Desert at the Bottom of the Sea of Sorrows, find her way back to the shore of that Sea so she can cross it once more to come back home.

The clear path is filled with what the Heroine holds dear and symbols of what home means for her: once again the stars are the guides who show the way.

Once the Heroine has arrived at the shore of the Sea of Sorrows, she puts on her sealskin once more and crosses. She follows the swallows, she follows the stars.

And then, she e m e r g e s! She lets the sun warm her.

It’s here at last, the moment….the reunion! (Writing this, even a year later – it’s emotional!)

And so this second journey is complete. If you have taken my class, you know that the writing is the final step. I have kept that personal because of how close to my heart this journey was. But the pages I shared give you a good sense pf what this class is about and of how much of my self I put in it.

Thank you for reading.