My word for 2021 was Release. It came to me while I was hosting one of the Inner Heroine Allyship sessions. This word came to mean a lot during this year. The idea behind Release was to open up the grip I had on certain things. To let them go, to free myself from the burden of holding on so tight, of always trying to control the outcome. The word became even more potent when the Sister Witches and I decided that it was time to bring Art Witch Academy to a close. Releasing this heart project was not easy to do but when it came down to it, I think this knowing this was my guiding word for the year helped.

Release is a soft word, one that allows for agency. It encourages me to remember that I am at the center of the events that affect me. It is a gentle invitation to open up to the possibilities that surround me. When we were learned quite suddenly in September that we would be leaving Shanghai earlier than expected, I released the preconceived notions I had about the end of our posting.

I documented 2021’s word in my December journal. As I was reflecting on how Release accompanied me throughout the year, I heard a whisper. My words come to me this way, as gentle suggestions. Often I will end up seeing the same word over and over again. And then I heed it. Now that I have worked with Release, I wanted a word that encompasses what I want to grow and nurture and focus on for 2022. So the word that came to me was Tend.

Tend my sectret garden, Tend my soul and my body. Tend my ideas and dreams. I love that it blends notions of taking care, of pruning, of watering and of cultivating. It’s a big word even though it has only four letters. I love it and feel very excited to see where it will take me for the year to come.

I will be sharing more about my 2022 plans, as soon as my move is complete and I have settled in Beijing. In other words, I’m going to tend to my heart as we navigate this transition between two cities and wiil return even more committed. Thank you for following me in this.