I’ve been working on a few projects while on the road. One of these is my Summer of Love journal, which is small enough to sit on my lap in the car. Since we were driving from Montréal to Gaspé – a 10 hour drive – I wanted to document my love for road trips in this journal. Road trips have always been part of my summers, whether it’s going to Maine with my parents or heading out to see family with my own children. I love taking pictures of the open road, I love road trip food and the perfect kitchyness of many of the road stops we go to. This page definitely is about the freedom Ifeel on the road.

One of the prompts in the Summer of Love class is ‘what do you dislike about summer?’ Here is my answer! For this page I used images from a vintage children’s book (Poucette) and some vintage ephemera. Quick and easy.

This page is directly inspired by my mother-in-law’s garden. Seeing my children run around in it, smelling and trying to pick the flowers; their naked joy at being outside in a non-polluted environment, makes me absolutely happy. So this page has an overabundance of flowers and leaves and I love it.

Off again to enjoy the summer! See you soon 🙂