I started hand-carving stamps last year. I love it. It,s always easy to make something very personal for yourself or as a gift. I was inpired by my calendar to make this jumbo numbers set. I use it a lot.
This is probably my favorite handmade stamp ever.
I also made a days of the week set in french for my Porject Life.
Recently, I was inspired to make two stamps based on designs that I,d seen floationg around internet. The first was a full circle with the word ‘hello’ inside and the second was the circle vine seen on the app ‘A Beautiful Mess’. O I set out to make my versions of these designs.

I made my ‘hello’ in french ‘allo’.

I love it!

Here is the vine circle.

Love the handmade look.

With the carving material I had left over, I made this.

Ok, I will make something!

This weekend, I also had an idea for a stamp to put on the Moleskine journals that I sell in my Etsy shop (www.vanessasfancy.etsy.com)

A fun and easy technique to personalise any book or journal.