Yesterday I pulled out my sumi brushes and my gouache. I’ve been meaning to get back to script work, especially after seeing Kal Barteski and Jasmine Dowling’s recent works. That said, it’s taken me a while to get comfortable using these instruments. Kal is right when she says that practice is important.
It all came together for me when I stopped trying to imitate other people’s handwriting and just went with my own. That way I didn’t have to overthink it. I’m also loving the size 6 sumi brush, which I didn’t dare use at first because I thought it would be too thick. Now I have so much fun using it on big sheets of paper (I use both sides of the paper). I also find that I’ve been less stingy on the gouache now that I know I can re-activate it. I just leave what is left in my little porcelain bowl and then add water when I’m ready to play.
Here are a couple of the sayings I made, edited with Photoshop. I haven’t cleaned them up as much as I could have. Also, I’d love to learn how to reverse the colors to make them white on black. Guees I’ll have to buy the manual!!!

This one I left as is, no Photoshop, so you can see how big the paper and writing is.

The paper is 13 x 19 inches, a drawing paper pad I bought at the art store.