I have just completed my fifth Moleskine art journal. I always love filling up these journals and the wonderful prospect of starting a fresh new one! Here are the last few pages in my Moleskine #5.
Sometimes, just two images, made by far better artists than I, can convey just how you feel. On the left, a detail of a painting by Simon Birch, on the right a painting by Silvia Ji.

I made this bird using my calligraphy nib and ink on flurescent pink paint. Love hearing the scrit-scratch of the nib on the page.

So the ‘Let it go’ song from Frozen has huge meaning for me. With the loss of my father and of a longtime friendship, it really speaks to me. Exerpts from the song are on the next two spreads in my art journal.

I made this page using the packing tape transfer method. I love the faded, vintage look with the images of the flowers. This is a hommage to one of my friends who is going through a very difficult time.

As I mentionned before, my Mystic Jackalope came by for a visit/vigil.

I tried the blending pen transfer method on the left page, but with a regular brush pen. I think it wasn’t wet enough to transfer the image completely. You can see the effect on the bottom left and the upside-down flowers near the top. So I’m going to try this again with the right tools.

I skipped a few spreads (they will go in a Awesome Ladies Project post) and came to my last page. Yay! I always like to add a little info about where we are on the last page of my Moleskine. Soon….Moleskine no.6!