Hi all. Here are some pages from my art journal. This Moleskine is filling up quickly! It is a testament to some of the feelings I am processing in this relocation process. My days are very much focused on the children until they are back in school, although I try to find some serenity for me too. I am going through some emotions, it is often a roller coaster, but how can it not be?
The first spread deals with my reprisal of the role of ‘spouse’. When you are a spouse at post, you are a dependant. I have some trouble accepting that role. I want to work and re-open my shop and create online classes and have my own money. All of that will happen, but in the meantime I’m finding this limbo hard to accept.
I don’t like feeling like I am cast aside, I don’t want people to forget me, I want to be seen. So this transition is never easy until I get back on my feet and complete my transformation from working archaeologist to working artist. My job in Ottawa was so validating and nourished me a lot. So I am still trying to let go of that and be here, in the now.

‘Taai-Taai’ officially means wife or Mrs. But in Hong Kong, it meant ‘ladies who lunch’ or ‘the kept housewife’. Basically, the spouse who spends her husband’s fortune going to lunch and getting manicures. Not me at all.

One pretty detail: the stitching of my Moleskine journal absorbed the colors from previous pages and they fit in nicely with these pages.

This second spread is related to the first one. “The Burden”.

Here, I am examining the ties that hold us to our roles or to previous situations. I’m wondering why it is so hard for me to let go of things. I fear my husband must sometimes feel like he is dragging me around. Like I’m this heavy ball of resistance.

This excerpt from a magazine was just perfect.

The final spread is a self-portrait in this time of change. I took my time creating this page. Loving creating the layers and exploring texture.

I used a lot of different types of media: gesso, acrylic paint, oil pastels, ephemera, pencil, pens and my fingertips too. I really like how it turned out.

Thank you for coming by, I hope you are enjoying these peeks into my world. You can find these pages under #vsartjournal on Instagram.