These pages come from the techniques I learned in the Metamorph workshop that Erin Faith Allen is giving. I has done some letters to myself, and one of them I loved so much that I rewrote it out in my art journal. I had an intense week and some very hard truths to listen to last week and needed to write this out really badly. This spread is called ‘You took my words’.

The woman’s rib cage is actually a cutout. The forest I glued down unto the next page.

On the other side, I did some free flow writing about the moon. I find that I wax and wane like she does. I am a hare in the Chinese zodiac and they often talk of the rabbit in the moon. I used some Japanese washi paper that features the rabbit in the moon on my page.

I love that you can read ‘the chrysalide’ through the hole in the page. The butterflies are also a powerful symbol for me.

 A closer look at my free flow of thoughts.

One of my most favourite papers and I only have a little left. I hope I can find more!

I hope you enjoy these peeks into my symbolic world.