I felt a bit stuck one day and reverted to my favourite technique when this happens to me: I made an ink blot.

 I went with colors that spoke to me and smooshed them together.

The squiggle lines came to me afterwards and are a symbol of the ‘fil directeur’. This is a French expression to say the common thread applicable to a situation.
In my case it is that I am still on an emotional roller coaster. Some days are really good and others are bad. The tipping point is always really close.
This second spread deals with the death of a family member. The spilled milk is a powerful symbol that I associate with this person. Before her husband died years ago, he said to me that there was no use in crying over spilled milk and it was better to accept things. Something interesting happened to me when I was doing this spread.

When I was putting the neon pink paint in the corner, I wanted to splash just a little paint but the pen opened and all the paint spilled out unto my page. I was frantically trying to put it back into the pen while trying to save it and my journal too. I was freaking out because I know that they don’t sell these paint pens here in Beijing and what would I do without my favourite colour? In the middle of all this craziness, I just stopped and started to laugh. Of course, she was telling me not to worry about spilled milk!

Message received my dear. And thank you x